Where To Get Fit: 10 Great Gyms In Cornelius, NC

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Best Gyms Apartments For Rent Cornelius, NC
Where To Get Fit: 10 Great Gyms In Cornelius, NC

Got fitness goals?


Are you looking to get back into shape, get in better shape or take your workout to the next level?


Whatever your fitness level and whatever your goals, you need a place to do it. And for most people that means hitting the gym.

It’s not just about all the equipment – it’s the classes, trainers and atmosphere that drives us to get better. I mean, who wants to look lazy at the gym?


Even if you’re a bit shy about working out in public – don’t be. The mindset of the gym has changed in modern times. Gone are the sweaty, grungy gyms full of muscle-bound gym rats throwing around heavy chunks of metal.


Now you’ve got more camaraderie, group classes and a variety of people with different fitness levels all sharing the same space. And the workouts have changed as well. You can do cardio, kickboxing, pilates, yoga, HIIT training and more in addition to old school weight lifting.


So if you’ve been thinking that it’s time to get back to the gym, here’s 10 great gyms in Cornelius where you can get started on your fitness goals.


Sure it’s one of the originals. Though it may bring up images of Arnold pumping iron in the 70s, Gold’s Gym has much more than lifting weights. They offer yoga, boxing, HIIT training, group classes and more. Work by yourself or under the guidance of their personal trainers.


Ready to get scientific with your workout? Strap on your monitor and get into the zone with their scientifically formulated cutting-edge workouts to guarantee you see success. 


LKN’s personal trainers are going to make you better. Whether you’re working out solo or in group classes they’re going to give you a personalized training program to reach your goals, whatever they are.


Get your Pilates in building core strength, flexibility, and body awareness in to support efficient, graceful movement and get in your best shape ever.


Kick, punch and sweat your way to a better body with 9Round’s kickboxing-inspired workouts. After 9 rounds of kicking the bag’s butt, not only will you have gotten in a good workout – you’ll like have worked out some stress and aggression as well.


A top rated training facility, they offer personal trainers, workout classes, nutrition, massage, sports performance, physical therapy, reiki and more.

Namaste! Time to work on that flexibility. Gotta Yoga offers all types of classes including prenatal, aerial and yoga for osteoporosis. In addition to their regular classes they also hold workshops. Get two weeks of unlimited yoga for $20.


Shred fat and build serious functional strength with their unique 45-minute group HIIT workouts. Stronger, faster, better – the million-dollar you.


You ready for the Crossfit challenge? It’s not just a workout – it’s a lifestyle. You will become stronger, faster and more agile while pushing yourself further than you thought you could ever go. No more boring workouts.


With all the equipment you’ll ever need, 24/7 hours, low membership fees and a welcoming atmosphere there’s no excuse not to hit the gym. You’ll even be a member nationwide and you can bring a friend along for the ride.


Now it’s up to you. No more excuses – put down the donut, turn off Netflix and get your butt down to the gym.


A stronger, fitter and healthier you is waiting.


If you’re looking for a modern, stylish apartment in Cornelius, NC in a health conscious community, you’ve found it. Sailpointe at Lake Norman apartment homes offers luxurious floor plans, first-class amenities (including an expansive 24-Hour fitness studio with spin area, weight and cardio room) and a beautiful location right on Lake Norman.


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